Forever Love – Xjapan (90% of the female fans were probably crying…)

This was the last live concert by X-japan, performing one of their most famous song Forever Love.  Kinda sad and dramatic.  But awesome song and performance nonetheless.  I’ve always like to think of them as the Guns n Roses of the East. 

“Hide (the band’s lead guitarist with the pink hair) died on May 2, 1998 in his Tokyo apartment. A roommate put him to bed after a night of drinking, but when she went to check on him an hour later he was not in his room. He was found hanged with a ripped towel in his apartment bathroom, the towel tied to the doorknob. He was barely alive when the ambulance arrived, and later died in the hospital. He was thirty-three years old.” – Wikipedia

That’s Forever Love for you.


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