Joe Pass Series (Lesson) for the Jazz Guitar Enthusiasts!

Yoyoyo! Im finally back from a long break, with this Joe Pass instructional series. 

“In 1947 – 1950 when Joe Pass was in New York, players like Billy Bauer, Bill DeArango and Johnny Smith were the top players in the studios and on the local jazz scene. While they were making jazz guitar history Joe Pass was consumed by drugs and dropped out of sight for 12 years. But, with his enormous talent, Joe Pass still found his rightful place as one of the greatest jazz guitarists of the 20th century.” – Classic Jazz Guitar

Excellent Jazz Guitar Lessons for both beginners and pros alike, by the man himself! Two thumbs up!

Oh, and do take your time to practise as well as digest the many invaluable lessons thoughout this series.  Enjoy!


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