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Blues Guitar Basics

Basic blues guitar lesson for beginners.  Enjoy!

 The Blues Shuffle

And here’s a treat!  A blues orgasm if you will!  WELCOME TO THE HOME OF THE BLUES!


The Loner – Gary Moore ( with guitar tabs to practise )

The Loner is a guitar instrumental piece by bluesman Gary Moore, one of the finest musicians that the British Isles has ever produced.  Very beautiful song filled with emotions.  Listen to how he makes the guitar cry! 

Read about his biography here

And here is The Loner guitar tab by Gary Moore for those who want to learn this song.  More suited for the intermediate level guitarist I would say.  Either way, it’s an awesome song to learn.  Enjoy!

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Little Wing – Jimi Hendrix (guitar tabs included)

This is a serious kickass classic.  Little Wing was written and performed by none other than guitar legend Jimi Hendrix in 1967.  Considered one of Jimi’s best songs, many other artists have come up with their own renditions, from Metallica to Steve Vai.  Below is a tribute done by Stevie Ray Vaughan known for short as SRV, a pure instrumental version that paints of beautiful story.



And not forgetting the original version of Little Wing done by the man himself Jimi Hendrix ( my all time favourite guitarist by the way ).  Some people say Eric clapton is God.  If so, I would say Hendrix is the God of Gods!  Feel the emotions run through your veins!



Anyway, here are the Little Wing guitar tabs for the version done by SRV.  Enjoy!

Guitar lesson with B.B King!

All blues guitarists should check this out!  Tips given by the King of the blues.  Very personal.  Excellent lesson by the man himself.

“I think the guitar should tell a story……” – B.B King