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Air on the G String (guitar tabs included)

Walla!  Here’s another classic classical piece.  It’s less well known then Canon in D, but Im sure many of you have heard of it somewhere before.  B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l piece!

“The Air on the G String is an adaptation of Johann Sebastian Bach‘s famous Air. The air is usually played slowly and freely, and features an intertwining harmony and melody.” – Wikipedia



Once again, here are the guitar tabs for Air on the G String for you to practise. 

Here is a slightly more challenging transcription as compared to many other available tabs of this song out there.


Goodbye, Pavarotti.

No, Pavarotti wasn’t a guitarist, but he was a music legend nonetheless.  Goodbye big guy, you will be missed.
Read more about Luciano Pavarotti here.

Watch this brilliant performance, how the music reaches out with every movement of his lips, with every twitch of his eyebrows.  Oh man, need I say more?

Canon in D – Johann Pachelbel (guitar tabs included)



Canon in D is the most popular piece of music by Johann Pachelbel.   

It is particularly well known for its chord progression, which is widely used in popular music.  Often played at weddings too, it remains a timeless classic. 

Here are the Canon in D guitar tabs for those of you interested. Wait a minute, it is a must-learn! It is afterall the main arsenal to make girls go weak in their knees! 

And for those looking for a greater challenge, here is Trace Bundy’s version.  Have fun!

Interesting fact:  Did u know that Valley of the Damned (by dragonforce) in which I posted earlier, uses the same chord progression as Canon in D?