Hotel California – Eagles (guitar tabs included)

It never gets old even after 30 years! 

Released as a single in early 1977, Hotel California remains one of the greatest songs of all time.



“The lyrics of the song describe the title establishment, a hotel where “you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave”. On the surface, the song is a tale of a weary traveler who becomes trapped in a nightmarish hotel that at first appeared tempting; as a metaphor the song may be commenting on drug addiction or simply the decadent lifestyle the hugely successful band had been caught up in. Another theory is that the song is about a mental hospital or a federal prison. The expression “check out” is also considered a metaphor for dying.” – wikipedia

Last but not least for the guitar enthusiasts, here are the guitar tabs for Hotel California.


Canon in D – Johann Pachelbel (guitar tabs included)



Canon in D is the most popular piece of music by Johann Pachelbel.   

It is particularly well known for its chord progression, which is widely used in popular music.  Often played at weddings too, it remains a timeless classic. 

Here are the Canon in D guitar tabs for those of you interested. Wait a minute, it is a must-learn! It is afterall the main arsenal to make girls go weak in their knees! 

And for those looking for a greater challenge, here is Trace Bundy’s version.  Have fun!

Interesting fact:  Did u know that Valley of the Damned (by dragonforce) in which I posted earlier, uses the same chord progression as Canon in D? 

Drifting – Andy Mckee

Acoustic fingerstylist Andy Mckee from Kansas, shows an interesting way to play the guitar.  I have no idea who he was till I saw his video.  Stunning musicianship, coordination, rythm and skills.  Real tight playing!

His achievements:

• First place winner of the 2004 Kansas Fingerstyle Guitar Championships
• First place winner of the 2003 Kansas Miscellaneous Acoustic Instrument Championships
• Second place winner of the 2004 Canadian Fingerstyle Guitar Championships
• Third place winner of the 2001 National Fingerstyle Guitar Championships
• Third place winner of the 2005 Canadian Fingerstyle Guitar Championships



Lust for Life – Marty Friedman (guitar tabs included)

Here’s an interview with guitarist Marty Friedman, previously with Megadeth.  He talks about stuff like living in Japan and achieving the human voice with the guitar. 

I actually went for his guitar clinic for only $13!!!  He was probably only about 10metres away it was bloody awesome.  And I bought his CD after the clinic because I fell in love with the song Lust for Life that he performed during the clinic. 

This is the same song that he performs at the end of this interview.  Also, notice his awkward right hand technique which works for him and adds to his uniqueness. 



Oh, and did I mention that this song is totally awesome?

Here are the guitar tabs.  Enjoy!

The Loner – Gary Moore ( with guitar tabs to practise )

The Loner is a guitar instrumental piece by bluesman Gary Moore, one of the finest musicians that the British Isles has ever produced.  Very beautiful song filled with emotions.  Listen to how he makes the guitar cry! 

Read about his biography here

And here is The Loner guitar tab by Gary Moore for those who want to learn this song.  More suited for the intermediate level guitarist I would say.  Either way, it’s an awesome song to learn.  Enjoy!

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Little Wing – Jimi Hendrix (guitar tabs included)

This is a serious kickass classic.  Little Wing was written and performed by none other than guitar legend Jimi Hendrix in 1967.  Considered one of Jimi’s best songs, many other artists have come up with their own renditions, from Metallica to Steve Vai.  Below is a tribute done by Stevie Ray Vaughan known for short as SRV, a pure instrumental version that paints of beautiful story.



And not forgetting the original version of Little Wing done by the man himself Jimi Hendrix ( my all time favourite guitarist by the way ).  Some people say Eric clapton is God.  If so, I would say Hendrix is the God of Gods!  Feel the emotions run through your veins!



Anyway, here are the Little Wing guitar tabs for the version done by SRV.  Enjoy!

Forever Love – Xjapan (90% of the female fans were probably crying…)

This was the last live concert by X-japan, performing one of their most famous song Forever Love.  Kinda sad and dramatic.  But awesome song and performance nonetheless.  I’ve always like to think of them as the Guns n Roses of the East. 

“Hide (the band’s lead guitarist with the pink hair) died on May 2, 1998 in his Tokyo apartment. A roommate put him to bed after a night of drinking, but when she went to check on him an hour later he was not in his room. He was found hanged with a ripped towel in his apartment bathroom, the towel tied to the doorknob. He was barely alive when the ambulance arrived, and later died in the hospital. He was thirty-three years old.” – Wikipedia

That’s Forever Love for you.